Popcorn Machines: The perfect gift for the person who has everything

The same question looms large every year. What to get the family member who already has everything. You know the type. If they want something, they just go out and buy it. No waiting. No helpful lists of things they don’t have. You buy them something you think they would like, and it turns out its a poor shadow of something they already have, or not something they really wanted anyway.

Classic Popcorn Machine

If you’re tired of getting the gift you carefully selected out of love gifted back to you six months later, it’s time to start thinking outside the box. A gift your family member doesn’t have, not because he doesn’t want it, but because it never occurred to him to get one.

A popcorn machine may well be the perfect solution. If your favorite family member is always getting the huge bucket of popcorn at the movie theaters, has his own personal surround system for home use, or perhaps has a lot of kids or grand kids, a popcorn machine may well be a popular gift.

Choosing the right popcorn machine

A quick look on Google may leave you shocked at the number and variety of machines out there. Fortunately, picking a good one is pretty simple. For most people, a small unit is better than a larger one. (After all, it needs to be easily storable inside a personal home) and from there, it diverges into what sort of person your family member is.

Choosing a Popcorn Maker

Is she a health nut? You might want to get her one that does air-popped popcorn, offering all the health benefits of popcorn with none of those extra calories from fat added. Are they more of the movie type? A traditional popcorn machine may be just the way to go. Is it for kids? Perhaps a nostalgic version that looks like the old fashioned carts would be a hit. There’s a large variety of different popcorn machines out there, and they all have something to offer.

The best part about gifting a popcorn machine

Let’s face it, when you’re dealing with a picky family member, it’s always a toss up whether any gift you choose will be liked or hated. If nothing else, a popcorn machine regifted back to you months later could be just as fun as if you’d bought it yourself.

Giving Popcorn Poppers

If the machine is well received however, you’ll have a steady supply of things you can get them from now on. Popcorn baskets with different flavorings in it, extra popcorn for popping, cute bags to put the popcorn in, and perhaps a couple of movies to squeeze in along side it.

What ever you choose to give to your family during the holidays, birthdays, or as a simple surprise, make sure it is something given out of love. Gift giving is a time for coming closer to your family, and if a real surprise like this one can help make that happen, it was well worth it in the end.

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