Different Ways to Pop Popcorn

We all love popcorn. That buttery and delicious smell is something we recognize at all our favorite events. We join throngs of people at movies for that light and fluffy goodness, and grab big bags of it at fairs and even school fundraisers to get some lightly buttered snacks. Our passion for this snack is so strong, it can invoke memories and happier moods just by the scent alone.
Popcorn Christmas
No matter how good your grocery store popcorn is, it just can’t hold a candle to that freshly popped, theater style popcorn. We go crazy for those bags of fresh and crunchy treats in those signature red and white bags, and seeing those iconic machines sitting in the corner of our favorite locations always fills us with a little hope and excitement.
Whether you are a business looking to add a little side income to your place, or just a popcorn fanatic looking for that perfect flavor in your own home, here are our top favorite ways to make popcorn:

Air popped

We may love our popcorn slathered in butter and with a dash of salt, but sometimes our waistlines aren’t so crazy about it. If you need a low-cal solution for your theater style cravings, air popped popcorn can offer a light offering for your snacking needs.
While we don’t always take our health into consideration while we are having a popcorn craving, air-popped popcorn can be just as delightful as your normal snacks and so much healthier for you. As an added benefit, you can add a variety of different flavorings to your popcorn with a machine that pops via hot air. After all, no matter how great that buttery taste is, there are only so many ways you can flavor it when you keep in mind all the extra oil that flavor has to compete with.
Indulge your senses with all the wonderful delights made possible by air popped popcorn.

Theater style popcorn

This is probably the most common style of popcorn you are used to eating. You see waves of delightful waves of bright fluffy kernels popping in a glass cage. With a toss of butter and salt, a big tasty bag of popcorn is handed over the counter for you to enjoy. We love popcorn so much, we are happy to pay extra at the movie theater for the privilege of eating it while we enjoy a new show.
There aren’t that many snacks that can compete with theater style popcorn. The popcorn machine heats everything up just right, and the butter and the salt coat each kernel for pure heaven in every tasty bite. As far as pure bliss in snack form, you can’t get much better than popcorn from a standard machine.
Popcorn Snacks
The best part of all about theater popcorn? There are commercial grade popcorn machines so small you can fit them in your own home. If you are a popcorn fanatic and just have to have the best popcorn at all times, you can get a mini-popper just perfect for achieving that same flavor in the comfort of your own home.
No matter how great those bags of ready made popcorn claim to be, they just aren’t as amazing as a freshly popped bag tumbling out of a machine.

Kettle Corn:

For those of us with a sweet tooth, there is still plenty of room for us in our popcorn snacks. Kettle corn machines can coat those delicious pieces of popcorn with an ultra thin coating of sugar or honey, stirring it so that they don’t stick together in a hopeless blob or get clumps of sugar on them. The result is a piece of popcorn with a light sugar coating on them, adding a delicious but still gentle sweetness to every bite we enjoy.
Kettle corn is extremely popular as a treat sold outside of businesses and in fairs and carnivals everywhere. As an added bonus there is a great deal of variety in the way kettle corn can be made. Not only can they have that delicious crystal clear coating of honey or sugar, but they can sometimes be mixed with other awesome flavors to make a tasty snack. Indulge in chocolate covered bits, or popcorn mixed in with clusters of nuts and other delicious combinations. You never know what you’ll find in one of these combinations, but what ever it is, it is bound to be good!

Popcorn balls:

No carnival is complete without a giant popcorn ball from your favorite vendor. These popcorn balls take our regular favorites like the ones listed above, and add a candy coating that bundles them together in a holiday favorite everybody loves. Popcorn balls can be made a variety of different ways, using everything from caramel to peanut butter in order to hold them together. Popcorn balls are a staple of festivals everywhere, and also a tasty treat dyed green or red for the holidays.
This is one treat you can make fairly well for yourself at home, just keep a careful eye on the temperature of the sauce you pour over the popcorn to ensure the balls are properly formed.
Popcorn balls are a truly delicious snack and a great add on to any fundraiser or simply as a holiday snack.


While the flavor isn’t as great as the professional popcorn above, there is something to be said for the glorious fun of a pan of popcorn on its long metal stick, popping away over an open flame. These treats are a camp fire favorite, and way more interesting than silently waiting for the microwave to go off at home.
Popcorn is a food that is enjoyed all over the world. It has delighted people everywhere since ancient times for its refreshing taste (and let’s face it, because it’s fun!) No matter how you enjoy your popcorn, we can all agree that our lives are better when we indulge in this favorite snack. Popcorn is so versatile almost everyone loves it, from those on a diet to those who want every kind of treat piled on top of it.

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