Best Types of Popcorn Machines

Popcorn is one of the most popular snack foods in the world and it is not hard to find a way to get popcorn quickly and easily. In fact, with the increase in popularity of microwaves and the introduction of microwavable popcorn, there is popcorn available in most settings and situations.

However, if you want to keep your diet on track and make sure that you are getting the best health benefits available form your popcorn, perhaps you want to consider some other options for making your popcorn as you move forward. First let’s consider the health benefits of making your own popcorn and then talk about some of the different machines you can purchase to make it.

Why is it a healthier option to make your own popcorn at home?

When you make your popcorn at home without a microwave, then you are giving yourself and your family a healthier option because you are able to have more control over what is put on your popcorn in a way that keeps you from harming your health.

The other main options is to get your popcorn at the movie theater or to make it in the microwave, but homemade popcorn is a better option. When you go to the movie theater, they have already made a large amount of popcorn in a machine and the first portion of butter and salt have already been applied during the popping process. Sure you can ask for more butter, but you can not get less.

You will also be purchasing more popcorn that you should be eating in one sitting. The same applies to your microwave popcorn. You don’t get to choose how much butter or salt you get or how much is made.

Can I make movie popcorn at home?

Absolutely you can. It is possible to purchase a variety of popcorn makers that use the same mechanism as you would find as the machine that they use at the movies. These machines feature a heating pot with a lid and spinning bar that turns the popcorn kernels as well as pushing out any popped popcorn to keep it from getting burned. These types of machine are a lot of fun.

Start by plugging in the machine and turning on the heater. You will need to either purchase a prepackaged pouch that holds the oil and kernels for the machine, but you can also just use oil in the heating pan with a cup of kernels for each batch of popcorn. Once the pan and oil are heated, you will pour in the kernels and closing the lid to ensure that none of the kernels escape too soon.

As the popcorn pops, you will want to keep your ears open to make sure that once the popping slows down to pour out the remaining popcorn before it starts to burn. Once you have finished, push the popcorn around so that any stray kernels can fall through the slots at the bottom of the tray.

These machines can come in a variety of sizes and designs, but the functionality is still the same.

What about using hot air to pop your popcorn?

If you want to avoid the extra butter and oil that can come from using a movie theater style popcorn popper, then you might want to look into a hot air popper that uses hot air to make your popcorn instead of the extra oil. When you are using this method, you will find that you are making a much healthier snack with a wider variety of options for flavors than you will get from any other option. In this case, you will need the hot air popper as well as a working outlet, a bowl for your popcorn, as well as the popcorn kernels that you want to pop. Put on the lid and plug in the popper.

This will cause the machine to start making hot air that you will be using to make your popcorn. Put in a couple of kernels into the machine. This will help you to know when the air is hot enough to make your popcorn.

Once one of those kernels pops, you can pour in the rest of the kernels for your batch. You do not have to worry about the hot air from the machine blowing the kernels out of the machine because they are heavier than the air can manage to blow away, but once the kernels pop, they will blow right out into your bowl.

As the kernels pop and blow out of the machine, try to guide the kernels into the bowl so that you do not have to clean up too much of a mess. As the kernels stop popping, you can either put more kernels into the machine or unplug it and clean up all of the stray pieces of popcorn.

Can I make my popcorn on the stove top?

If you don’t have machine to make your popcorn and you want to have the health benefits of making your own popcorn, you can still make your popcorn on the stove top. this is not that difficult, but you will want to make sure that you have all of the pieces you need pulled together ahead of time.

You will need a large pan with a lid, some oil, and your popcorn kernels. Start by heating up the burner on your stove. Put the pan on the stove and pour in some oil to cover the bottom of the pan slightly. Do not add too much oil. Next put a few kernels in the oil as it heats up. You will not notice much change for a while, but as the pan and the oil heats up, you will eventually hear and maybe see one of the kernels pop. This will be the sign that it is time to pour in the rest of the kernels.

Now that all of the kernels are in the pan, you will want to put on the lid and gently move the pan back and forth. This will keep any popped kernels from getting burned. Again it will take a few minutes for the kernels to heat enough to pop, but once they do, you will want to keep shaking the pan to avoid burning your popcorn. As long as you are paying attention to the pan, you will soon have a batch of fresh homemade popcorn.

You can flavor it however you like as well.

Are you ready for some popcorn?

Now that you know about the various options for making popcorn, it is time to decide the option that works best for you. After all, who doesn’t love popcorn? It is a healthy and nutritious snack that can fill your cravings in a way that keeps you on a healthy track.

However you want to make your popcorn and whatever flavoring you want to use on it, there is a great option for you to get your popcorn just the way that you want it, an you can make it all on your own with the right popcorn machine.

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